Saturday, July 14, 2012

3 Ways to Immediately Start Saving & Making Money!
3 Ways to Immediately Start Saving & Making Money!
Here are 3 great ways to immediately start improving your personal finances. They are simple to do, apply to almost everyone, and will have immediate impact on how much money you make and how much you spend. Don't delay and get started now!
High-Interest Savings Accounts Open an Online Savings Account
Open an Online Savings Account and immediately start earning more interest on your savings. Most people already do online banking, but did you know there are big name, FDIC-insured national banks that offer higher rates than what your current bank is offering? And you get to keep your existing bank account! You merely link it to your new Online Savings Account and sweep your excess savings into the higher rate. What a deal!
Get a Better Credit Card Get a Better Credit Card
Getting a Better Credit Card can save you hundreds of dollars in interest and fees over the years or provide you with rewards that will immediately improve your lifestyle. With computers and databases it is now easy to search and compare hundreds of credit cards to find the ones most appropriate for your needs. For example, save money on gas with a Gas Credit Card, get a new T.V. with the points earned on your Business Credit Card, or travel for FREE with the right Airlines Reward Card. You get the idea!
Buy & Sell Stocks for Free Buy & Sell Stocks for $4.95
That's right, Free! Say good-bye to your expensive stock broker. With the right account you can buy and sell stocks for just a $4.95 commission charge. That immediately saves you money and, of course, if you buy the right stocks it's just icing on the cake!

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